Get To Know: Phrased Differently

Hey, my name’s Fred and I’m Rich Mix’s new Digital Marketing Intern. I'm on a mission to get to know all things Rich Mix; this place is home to 24 different creative businesses and this month I got a chance to sit down for a chat with one of our residents; meet Skye from Phrased Differently

Who are Phrased Differently and what do you do?

“We are a publishing company. But we’re a small team so we all end up doing a lot more; we handle admin, sign, manage and develop writers/ producers and all round A&R.”

How did you end up working at Phrased Differently?

“Just knowing the right people. I was in my second year of uni when I had a conversation with my songwriting tutor Mark Vallance who is signed to PD. He said that my song writing was pretty good but songwriting just didn’t seem like the career I wanted to go down. He kept telling me that I had good ears and I didn’t know what that meant. Now I know its basically A&R. He introduced me to Hiten (PD Founder) who then interviewed me and then offered me a six-month internship which half way through I got offered the full time job”

What do you enjoy most about working at Phrased Differently?

“I know it sounds cliché but literally everything. I can honestly say at 22 I’m working my dream job. Between the people in our office, the writers and producers there’s such a family vibe. Hiten and Dan (the big bosses) are always busy but are always trying to teach me more and take me under their wing. Before Hiten hired me he said he wants me to be the next Dan - Now they call me The Female Dan.”  

It was a pleasure sitting down with Skye and I hope to be able to do the same with many of our other residents. See you soon!