Pitch to the Mix winner Mathieu Ajan: My experience with Rich Mix

Mathieu Ajan was the winner of one of our Pitch to the Mix series. He also produced an event for our annual Rich Mix Youth Takeover Festival. We asked Mathieu to write a few words about his involvement with us over the last couple of years. Are you looking to get involved in the arts or live performance? Keep an eye on our Young Creatives page and follow @RMYAmbassadors for upcoming opportunities.

Rich Mix has had a massive impact on me not only as an artist but also as a person. Trying to break into the creative industry can be a rather daunting experience, especially when you don’t know where to start.

My journey with Rich Mix all started 2 years ago with me randomly scrolling through my twitter and seeing the opportunity to get involved through a scheme called Pitch to the Mix.

From day one Rich Mix offered me unrivaled support. I remember first walking through the doors of Rich Mix in preparation for my presentation for Pitch to the Mix, instead of the dragons' den experience I expected, I was greeted by a room of people who genuinely wanted to help and was matched with a space within Rich Mix to bring my idea to life.

This initial interaction with Rich Mix led to my first ever exhibition in an amazing venue, which I wouldn’t have traditionally been able to afford. After this experience Rich Mix offered me more support through mentorship and the chance to be a part of their Rich Mix Youth Takeover Festival where I was able to curate a second event in their Main Space.

One of the biggest milestones in my career was this year where I was granted the opportunity to have a solo exhibition running for 30 days in Rich Mix’s upstairs gallery space. Rich Mix provided me with financial support and a dedicated team to help bring my solo exhibition to life and was always there when I needed a bit of advice or support which went a very long way.

My experience with Rich Mix has had a huge impact and unlocked countless opportunities not only for myself but other emerging artists. Rich Mix to me is much more than just a building, for me it’s a place, which is defined by its people and their shared passion and commitment to supporting and celebrating emerging talent of all shapes and sizes.

Mathieu Ajan, May 2016