Spending review - what will it mean for the arts?

Nov 25, 2015

With the comprehensive spending review under way, we’re keeping a close eye on news sites (and twitter) to see how the arts have fared.

At Rich Mix, we’ve been very well supported by Rushanara Ali, our local MP, who came in to meet us and a number of the other arts organisations who live in our building. She sent a powerful letter of advocacy to the Treasury last month in anticipation of the spending review  - have a read of it here. In it, she outlines the need for continued funding to protect 'one of the richest and most vibrant arts scenes in the world.'  

We’ll be reading the small print of the Chancellor’s statement to see if he truly intends to heed the voices of those speaking on behalf of the arts. Look forward to seeing your responses once we see the statement in more detail.

Jane Earl, Chief Executive