Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen all come together this Christmas, joining visionary director Tom Hooper (Les Miserables, The King’s Speech) for the cinema event of the year.

Cats tells the story of a Young kitten abandoned in London, who encounters a tribe of cats who come together once a year – the night of the Jellicle Ball. One by one they tell their stories for the amusement of Old Deuteronomy, their wise and benevolent leader, who must choose one of the Cats to ascend to The Heaviside Layer and be reborn into a whole new Jellicle life. Each Cat shows off their distinctive personalities shine through via song & dance.

The tribe’s decision nearing, a marginalised cat, Grizabella, attempts to overcome prejudice and bullying from the group to be selected. However, her dreams are threatened by the re-emergence of the villainous Macavity, who is determined to become the chosen cat by any means necessary.

From the mind of Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Cats is one of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history. It received its world premiere at the New London Theatre in 1981 where it played for 21 record-breaking years and almost 9,000 performances.

This film is distributed by Universal.

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