An enduring example of German Expressionist horror

From 1920s Berlin to 21st-century London – classic silent cinema gets a new live soundtrack at this Rich Mix premiere.

When the Holy Roman Emperor threatens to evict the Jewish community from 16th-century Prague, a rabbi creates a mystical clay statue – a Golem – to fight the danger.

But after the Emperor’s messenger falls for the rabbi’s daughter, the rabbi brings the Golem to life – and the city descends into chaos…

Paul Wegener’s breathtaking feature is one of the first horror movies ever made, and maybe the most gripping film of the silent era.

Nearly a century after its release, soundtrack specialists HarmonieBand have given it a brand new score – and will be performing it live tonight to a newly restored new print of the movie.

Robinson’s score [for Frank Borzage’s Seventh Heaven] was a superbly crafted montage of leitmotifs […] Robinson has the art of doing these things with perfect continuity.
The Independent | @harmonieband