We live in an increasingly digital world. And in this eclectic selection of shorts, we explore the impact of social media, the internet, and digital technologies on our everyday lives.

From the effects of social media on teens, to real-life hackers seeking retribution, these multifaceted stories explore the internet’s incredible power to both limit and liberate us.



Programmed by Lainey Richardson


toni_with_an_i DIR Marco Alessi NOM Editing (Jo Lewandowska)

Like Me DIR Jessica Bishopp NOM XX Award, Cinematography (Anna MacDonald)

Fifteen (Quince) DIR Peiman Zekavat NOM Producion Design, Acting

Ill, actually DIR Zoë Hunter Gordon NOM Producing (Celestine Fraser & Hannah Tookey)

Anonymous Comes to Town DIR Nancy Schwartzmann NOM U25 Producing, Editing (Nancy Schwartzmann)

Alice 404 DIR Kate Graham NOM Editing (Kate Graham)

Pink Pool DIR Milda Baginskaitė NOM Production Design (Anna Oset)

Barney DIR Melody Maker NOM Hannah Nixon (Screenwriting)

Skin DIR Daisy Stenham NOM Sound Design (Lauren Cooper)