Cult Strand

In a mountain-cabin idyll, lumberjack Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) lives in perfect harmony with his great love Mandy (Andrea Riseborough).

But the couple’s blissful utopia is cruelly shattered when a ragtag band of Satanic cultists invade their humble abode and claim Mandy for their own.

Traumatised and distraught, Red is left with no option but to exact a bloody revenge.

Anyone who saw Panos Cosmatos’ extraordinary debut, Beyond the Black Rainbow, will know that describing his work is no mean feat. With Mandy, he has once again crafted a film so singular, perverse and beguiling, it’s almost impossible to define.

Think of the most exquisitely nightmarish LSD trip imaginable, then multiply it by ten. That might give you some idea.

Don’t just see Mandy. Experience it!