Aesthetics are pushed to their chromatic extremes in shorts with neon-drenched dance floors, glitter adorned faces and pastel hued dreams.

Dance with us in childhood bedrooms, on cinema back rows and in glitching alternate dimensions, shop with us in queer luxury communist utopias down Essex way, and relive girl crushes and heady first kisses.

Programmed by Jenny Clarke.

SALT IN WOUNDS (Dir. Alison Adriano | Australia | 10 mins)

SLAP (Dir. Simone Smith | UK | 12 mins)

UMBILICAL GLUE (Dir. Bryan M. Ferguson | UK | 6 mins)

HOW TO BUILD YOUR HUMAN (Dir. Jasmine De Silva | UK | 3 mins)

FOUR QUARTETS (Dir. Marco Alessi | UK | 11 mins)

MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WRANGLER (Dir. Martin Allison | UK | 4 mins)

DAISYLAND (Dir. Caity Lougheed | UK | 1 min)

THE CURSE OF THE INTERNET MAN (Dir. Benjamin Lister | UK | 5 mins)

TROLL DOLLS (Dir. Sam Taylor-Edwards | UK | 12 mins)

LAINDON (Dir. Marianne Murray | UK | 12 mins)

“TWO TICKETS, PLEASE?” (Dir. Emmalouise Smith | UK | 14 mins)

GOLDEN VESSEL (Dir. Harry Deadman | Australia | 5 mins)

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