When did we disconnect? How do we reconnect? (And do we even want to?)

We’re a generation trapped in uncomfortable places yet finding empowerment in taking up space.

Reality proves anxiety-inducing and mundane in equal measure, and these new short films highlight both the good and the bad sides of millennial connections, online and off.

With cameos from Liv Wynter, Kate Nash and Brigitte Aphrodite. Programmed by Jenny Clarke.

THE DITCH (Dir. Anabel Barnston | UK | 12 mins)

CAKE & CANDLES – EPISODE 1: PRE-HEAT OVEN (Dir. Nicky Chue | UK | 11 mins)

LADIES DAY (Dir. Abena Taylor-Smith | UK | 9 mins)

WITHOUT A MAP (Dir. Thomas Lawes | UK | 3 mins)

JEEBIES (Dirs. Tim Bunn, Joseph Patrick | UK | 3 mins)

WILSON (Dir. John Ogunmuyiwa | UK | 3 mins)

FUN ONLY (Dir. Lukas Revzin | UK | 10 mins)

WOMAN IN STALL (Dirs. Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty Mancinelli | UK | 10 mins)

FUCK THE BOXES (Dir. Abel Rubinstein | UK | 11 mins)

DISCONNECT (Dir. Arnold Chukwu | UK | 4 mins)

CLOCKWORKS (Dir. Mark Corden | UK | 3 mins)

TO THE FRONT: SCENES FROM A WOMEN’S ROCK CAMP (Dir. Fran Broadhurst | UK | 13 mins)

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