Portraits is an anthology series of five short monologue films exploring the theme of a ‘curated self’, a version of oneself that is composed, constructed, packaged, a conscious manipulation with an agenda.

In Portraits, the characters present their ‘curated selves’, yet inadvertently reveal the inescapable truth that seeps through the cracks. Rooted in the millennial experience these pieces touch on painfully relevant current affairs: a young woman makes a vlog to find Britain a Supreme Leader; a Tinder date story questions what control over one’s own body actually looks like; a kleptomaniac turns catfisher; a group of people on the outskirts of society explore feelings of rage over their lack of control in life. With echos of Black Mirror, Portaits bridges the gap between spoken-word poetry, art, and digital culture.

Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion with director Amani Zardoe, the cast and special guests to delve into some of the themes of Portraits.