Cult Strand


Films in this programme: 


It’s Easier to Raise Cattle (Dir. Amanda Nell Eu | Malaysia | 18mins)

In a remote Malaysian village, two teenage girls uncover their darkest secrets.


Salt (Dir. Rob Savage | UK | 2min)

A demonic presence closes in on a mother and her sick daughter in their home. Will they survive? Featuring Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge).


The Invaders (Dir. Mateo Márquez | USA | 7mins)

When a young Muslim woman is followed home, a sinister force threatens her existence.


Catcalls (Dir. Kate Dolan | Ireland | 8mins)

For two women, an ordinary night on the town turns into a killer one.


Corvidae (Dir. Tom de Ville | UK | 11mins)

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) stars in this tale about a girl bonding with crows.


Sunscapades (Dir. Ben Mitchell | UK | 5mins)

A beach outing takes a gruesome turn when triplets play a prank on their father.


Right Place, Wrong Tim (Dir. Eros Vlahos | UK | 6mins)

Killer clones of Tim attack an on-screen family in a 1990s TV sitcom. Featuring comedian Adam Buxton, Asa Butterfield (Hugo, Journey’s End) and Ella Purnell (Churchill).


Coyote (Dir. Lorenz Wunderle | Switzerland | 10mins)

A coyote tries to live a human existence, only to revert to being a savage beast.


Good Intentions (Dir. Anna Mantzaris | UK | 8mins)

After a woman is involved in a hit and run, strange and spooky things start to happen.


Piggy (Dir. Carlota Pereda | Spain | 14mins)

For Sara, life as a teen is real horror.


Leash (Dir. Harry Lighton | UK | 17mins)

Post-Brexit, Kasia confronts her local bullies in a small Welsh town.