Meet the disrupters, the dreamers, the visionaries. From displaced Syrian refugees in Europe, to a Palestinian music collective using music to build bridges, to LGBT+ activists in Brazil, immerse yourself in real-life stories from across the globe of people who daringly and boldly claim and re-claim space, and fight to be seen and heard. These powerful, moving, and inspiring documentaries show both the strength of building communities and the power of resistance.


Pxssy Palace DIR Laura Kirwan-Ashman NOM XX Award, Cinematography (Natalie Pitters)

Marielle and Monica DIR Fabio Erdos NOM XX Award

Laji’m: Birds Without Homeland DIR Irene Marco NOM Cinematography (Jenny Pagoni)

Nirvana DIR Jess Kohl NOM Producing (Jess Kohl)

Palestine Underground DIR Jessica Kelly NOM Producing (Anaïs Brémond)


Programmed by Lainey Richardson