Incisive Oscar-winner Adam McKay follows up The Big Short with another glimpse behind the curtains of power. Vice tells the true story of Richard Bruce (Dick) Cheney, one of the most elusive and secretive minds in modern American political history.

McKay reunites with Christian Bale (The Big Short) to produce another transformational performance, and the film also co-stars Amy Adams (Arrival), Steve Carell (The Big Short) and Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri).

Spanning half a century, Cheney’s (Bale) complex journey from rural Wyoming electrical worker to de facto President of the United States is a darkly comic and often unsettling inside look at the use and misuse of institutional power.

In McKay’s capable hands, the dichotomy between Cheney, the dedicated family man and political puppet master, is related with intimacy, wit and narrative daring.

Guided by his formidable and unfailingly loyal wife, Lynne (Adams), and mentored by the brusque and blustery Donald Rumsfeld (Carell), Cheney insinuated himself into the Washington D.C. fabric beginning with the Nixon administration.

By the time of Gerald Ford’s presidency, he was White House Chief of Staff, and went on to become Secretary of Defense for George H.W. Bush after five terms in Congress.

In 2000, he left his position as C.E.O. of Halliburton to run as Vice President to George W. Bush (Rockwell), where a secretive deal was made that he would exercise almost unchecked control – a co-president in all but name…

Cheney’s cunning and political maneuvering altered the American political landscape in ways that continue to reverberate today.

But Vice powerfully explores Cheney’s divided persona, as a man whose king-making presence seems at odds with his private life and obvious devotion to his family.

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