Journey Strand

Films in this programme:


Skip Day (Dir. Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan | USA-UK | 17mins)

School’s almost out. For seniors in Pahokee, the Monday after prom is Skip Day.


Nosebleed (Dir. Luna Carmoon | UK | 9mins)

Lilah and Coby are best friends, but over one week the friendship becomes more toxic. Featuring Lily Newmark (Pin Cushion, Solo: A Star Wars Story).


Fifteen (Dir Peiman Zekavat | UK-Peru | 10mins)

A sex video goes viral while Maria is at volleyball class.


Volte (Dir Monika Koteka, Karolina Poryzala | Poland | 14mins)

In the world of equestrian vaulters, girls must be strong, flexible and elegant. But the physical endurance can take its toll.


Boy Saint (Dir. Tom Speers | Ireland | 7mins)

Two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality. Based on a poem by Peter LaBerge.


Lola, 15 (Dir. Jennifer Reeder | USA | 5mins)

An observational study of a young girl as she leaves the personal sanctuary of her teenage bedroom and enters the wider world of the street outside.


Besida (Dir. Chuko Esiri | 11mins)

In a small tribal village, certain men are on the look-out to drive young girls to the big city. Besida’s older brother steps in to make sure that it doesn’t happen to her.


Girl (Dir. Lowri Roberts | UK | 6mins)

A young migrant. Her period.


Waiting (Dir. Amberley Jo Aumua | New Zealand | 12mins)

Two boys in the Maori community of South Auckland wait for a phone call to stay connected to the wider world.


Young Adult (Dir. Jake Yuzna | USA | 17mins)

A teenage girl with cerebral palsy fights to connect with the boy who might be the love of her life. Featuring Allison Cameron Gray.