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The By Artist Gallery

Until Wednesday 30 August 2017

In a nutshell

The By Artist Gallery is an informal art space, set up by artist Ellis Lewis-Dragstra for creative people from different backgrounds and a range of experiences to get together to share ideas and artworks.

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The By Artist Gallery is the collaboration between artist Ellis Lewis-Dragstra and Project Phakama UK. The idea of the project is to create a pop up art space where all art forms can be accepted and limit the restrictions and barriers for people to exhibit their work. Anyone over 16 can apply from the established to someone who has never exhibited before. This is a great opportunity for emerging artists to meet their peers and experience what it's like to have their work interact with the public. The By Artist Gallery will continue to pop up across venues in East London in order to reach a diverse audience and to create opportunities for different art forms to be shown.

There will be a complimentary public programme that will run alongside the exhibition, which will consist of free workshops and talks related to the works on show.

What to Expect

The By Artist Gallery will take the form of an exhibition, however due to the open nature of the application process, exhibitors may include live performances and projections and talks.

There will also be a complimentary public programme along side the exhibition, which will be in the form of free workshops and talks complimenting the themes drawn out from the show.

Who's Involved

Ellis Lewis-Dragstra is a young freelance artist. His work ranges from animations, illustrations and poetry, often combining all three. He is the co-chair of Phakma's youth board and one of  Phakama's Young Creatives (emerging artists programme) delivering a wide range of arts projects to a diverse audeinces.

Project Phakama an arts organisation that create site specific work, where cultural exchange through individual stories and experiences shape the final outcome. They use a special methodology called Give and Gain, so that from the outset of any project we create an environment where everyone is both teacher and pupil. 

Find out more / @Phakama_uk

Things you should know

For ages 16+

Join us for the Open House on Fri 21 Jul at 6pm.

This event is wheelchair accessible.