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Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize presents

Ashurst Emerging Artists Prize 2018

Until Thursday 28 June

In a nutshell

A solo exhibition presenting the winner of the Ashurst & Rich Mix East London Emerging Artist Prize, Goia Mujalli.

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Artist Goia Mujalli, winner of the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Rich Mix East London Award 2018 will show a solo exhibition of her recent paintings which take influence from the rhythm, colour and vibrancy of the world around her, and so drawing a parallel with the new habitat of her works, in the centre of the creative hub that is East London. Her work explores ideas of cultural and geographic identity through painting as she investigates paint on the surface and calls attention to the materiality of her works. Drawing from her past in Rio de Janeiro, these ideas are investigated through abstract explorations of colour, transparency, movement and erasure, using brush marks as motifs and exploring themes of ephemerality and doubt. The exhibition is curated by Art Prize Judge Aindrea Emelife – a prolific upcoming curator, art critic, writer and presenter. Aindrea is committed to discovering and supporting the next generation of emerging artists find their voice.

The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Rich Mix East London Award 2018 aims to highlight not only the Emerging Artist who wins but celebrate East London as the area both Rich Mix and Ashurst inhabit.

The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018 is awarded to artists that show significant potential, interesting ideas, a relevant message and skillful execution. We understand that talented artists exist in many forms, so endeavour to appeal to emerging artists of all ages and career paths, whether student, graduate, full-time or part-time, and from any country.

Ashurst's aim in sponsoring the Emerging Artist Prize and Emerging Artist Programme is to find, build and support the careers of talented international emerging artists and get their art seen by a wider audience.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'It's a partner on the prize and it champions [the] local community!'

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Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.