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Faisal Hussain presents

Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects

Until Saturday 28 April
Mezzanine Gallery

In a nutshell

A collection of works which question, highlight and respond to the victimisation of Muslim communities.

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In a time of increased societal racism; xenophobia against migrants, attacks against Muslim people and stereotyping of those who simply appear Muslim, these views are freely expressed through media misrepresentation, hate-filled terminology, exploitative political strategies and sensationalist headlines.

The artworks reflect on this fear and racism as contemporary social factors, political currency and cultural memes that alter how people navigate reality and memory. Targeting and immersing the viewer echoes the persistent attacks which surround Muslim communities.

The use of advertising, installation, painting, sculpture, still and moving image explore the multi-faceted channels used to influence and fuel prejudice. Juxtapositions question the surreal 'validity' of suspicion and evoke humour, personal memory, and the experiences of duality and difference.

Who's Involved

Birmingham based artist Faisal Hussain creates work that questions perceptions, undermines lazy stereotypes and highlights missing histories and overlooked facts. Whether in music, in a gallery or a sign outside a kebab shop, his cross-disciplinary practice is often presented in varied environments to engage with diverse audiences. Using archive and personal memory as starting points, his work explores the representation and understanding of South Asian culture and identity through the media, government, communities and individuals. The BBC, The Guardian, and Dazed and Confused have cited his work.

What people are saying

‘Amazing exhibition. Clever, current and well executed. This exhibition has been long overdue, a topic which has existed and been overlooked for too long.’ - Saffiyah Khan, UK

Why does Rich Mix matter?

‘Rich Mix supported this work when no one else did, it would not have been produced if not for Rich Mix’s generosity….’

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Twitter: @suspect_objects / Suspect Objects & Suspect Subjects

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

Please note: The final day to see this exhibition will be Fri 27 Apr.

This event is wheelchair accessible.