The play centres on mother-daughter Jiji and Reema, reflecting on their dhow journey from Indian to African shores, through to their lives in the UK.

From headmistress to a seamstress, Jiji mourns her lost husband while fighting for workers’ rights. Reema becomes a rasta-punk, a lively follower of reggae, punk and anti-racist politics. Meanwhile, her frenemy, Aanya, becomes a fan of the right-wing Margaret Thatcher that changed Britain forever.

From dhows to airplanes, saris to bellbottoms, and K.L Saigal to The Clash, each stake out new lives in the tempestuous climate of 1970s Britain.

Writer: Raminder Kaur
Director: Mukul Ahmed

The script for Exodus was a finalist in the esteemed BOLD Playwright competition in 2023. It was inspired by oral histories collected by Lata Desai and Rolf Killius.

Funded by Arts Council England.


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