Who is this workshop for?

Migrants with an interest in art, and an experience around health and well-being they’d like to share. Artists and those interested in how art can be used to explore migrant health.

What to expect?

A day of art and conversation to explore perceptions of health and well-being among migrant communities, artists and others interested in migrant health. The morning will be dedicated to creating art with a light lunch provided for all. In the afternoon we’ll use the art we’ve created to prompt conversations around migrant health.

What is provided?

  • Full day workshop and all art materials for the day
  • Lunch
  • Transport costs within London
  • Childcare (please let us know in advance if you require this)


RSVP: To participate or for more information, please email:

In collaboration with the University College London, St. George’s University of London, the Migration Collective and Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CARAS), we are hosting a day-long workshop exploring migrant health in the UK through art-based visual and narrative methodologies.

Our aim for this workshop is to foster a non-hierarchical space for diverse groups (policymakers, NGOs, advocacy groups, researchers and migrants) to explore migrant health together using art and other innovative public engagement methods. These methods can create opportunities for diverse forms of expression beyond textual and linguistic modes ensuring that all migrants’ voices are heard and at the centre of discussions around their health. We hope the workshop cultivates effective engagement which empowers migrant communities while informing the work of NGOs and academics.

In partnership with Migration Collective.

@MIGHCommission / @MigCollective