Curator Ghazaleh Zogheib was born in France to a Palestinian mother and Lebanese father. Ghazaleh is a curator and researcher, her work focuses on the relationship between art and learning and development of inclusive art spaces in the UK and abroad.

Special guest French Algerian Oud composer, Djamila Lebdiri will be performing music that draws on the rich musical traditional of Arabic and North African music, built around Maqâms and some of her original compositions. Oud Composer Djamila studied classical music in Paris, France. She obtained a degree in piano from a conservatory, and she hold’s a bachelor’s degree in musicology of Paris Sorbonne.

The ultimate aim of this exhibition is to increase understanding around Arab women’s diverse realities and concerns, shed light on the art works made by Arab women artists, while providing an alternative, more nuanced narrative surrounding the Arab region and its peoples.

AWAN Festival is produced by Arts Canteen and supported by Arts Council England.

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