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Philosophy Football presents

Clash Night 77

Saturday 8 April
Main Space
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In a nutshell

‘The Clash’ was the band’s debut album - kick-starting not only ’77 punk, but also the movement Rock against Racism. On the 40th anniversary, this seminal moment will be recreated at Rich Mix.

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Join us for a night of live music played in both the original 1977-era Clash style and a 2017 remix. The Clash debut album will be played its entirety but in a way never performed before to create a unique night on the 40th anniversary of the original release.

A bill that mixes bands, solo performers, and spoken word. The side two remixes will be debuting on the night as exclusive new versions. The album will be reinterpreted and celebrated with visuals and ideas, 1970s ranting verse and a punky-reggae DJ set. Writers who were there at the start with The Clash and Rock against Racism will discuss the era with writers in politics and music today.

All together, a 2017 ’77 Clash night out.

What to Expect

The night opens with a stunning visual show featuring Syd Shelton’s incredible  photography of ’77 punk and the rise of Rock against Racism.

Side One of the album will be played ‘as was’ by 48 Thrills with Steve North who performed in the acclaimed stage production ‘ Meeting Joe Strummer’.

Side Two will re remixed and rewritten by some of today’s finest young protest musicians and spoke word artists. Feminist punk band Dream Nails, Emily Harrison, Sean McGowan, Nia Wyn, and Joe Solo.

Captain Ska play Clash-style ‘Police and Thieves’ with a headlining set of 2017 era  dance music.

Linking past to present two incomporable live performers playing specially commissioned sets, Attila the Stockbroker and Comrade X.

Joining the show will be those who were there in ‘77 - writer, artist, manager of The Clash 1978-80 Caroline Coon and Rock against Racism founders Red Saunders and Roger Hudle. They will be speaking with Daniel Rachel (author of the best-selling Walls Come Tumbling Down) and Dave Randall (author of the recently published Sound System). Plus, Asian Dub Foundation's Pandit G and Cassie Fox of Loud Women Club.

Who's Involved

Philosophy Football are a self-styled ‘sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction’ who claim that rather than selling T-shirts they trade in ideas, it just so happens the platform comes in sizes small-XXL, 100% cotton, heatsealed and double-stitched throughout.

RMT The trade union for transport workers on the side of us all when profit vs people clash to undermine safety and service on our Underground and rail services .

Supported by

FBU The Fire Brigades Union, the people we all rely on when London’s Burning, or any other city, town or village.

TUPA  4.5% Trade Union Pale Ale, brewed in the East End of London exclusively available at the Rich Mix bar on the night, raising funds for the Hope not Hate campaign.

R2 Rock n’ reel music magazine featuring roots, singer-songwriter, folk, world and blues

What people are saying

'Are you taking over or are you taking orders? Are you going backwards or are you going forwards?' The Clash, White Riot, ‘77

'London’s burning with boredom now. London’s burning 99999.' The Clash, London’s Burning. ‘77

'I don’t want to hear what the rich are doing. I don’t want to go where the rich are going.' The Clash, Garageland, ‘77

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'As a live venue, with bar, stage, dancefloor and lighting to match, plus a right tasty café there is nowhere to match Rich Mix to host our Philosophy Football nights out. As a space it enables us to keep ticket prices low and our ambitions high.'

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Things you should know

Photo credit: Syd Shelton. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.