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Dash Arts presents

Dash Café: Lviv on the borders of Europe

Wednesday 24 January

In a nutshell

An evening of imagery, live music and conversation exploring the Ukrainian city of Lviv and the wider region.

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Following an epic foray into the Post Soviet space for the past five years, Dash Arts embark on a new journey: EUTOPIA, investigating what it means to be European. We will highlight and celebrate Europe’s diversity and hidden marvels; confront generalization and encourage new insights and fierce debate. Through Cafes, Gigs, and other events, we will focus on different cities across wider Europe, investigating ideas, trends and artists. 

For our first café in January, we are bringing into focus Lviv in today’s Ukraine. Joined by academics and artists, amongst others Dr Uilleam Blacker from University City London, artist Asya Gefter and musician Olesya Zdorovetska, creators of multimedia project Fragments of Memory, we will explore the past and present of this city of multiple names and identities that has been on the cultural and physical borders of Europe across the 20th century.

What to Expect

Lively conversation. Film screening. Live music.

What people are saying

'Work of profound worldwide significance awakening us to new styles, beliefs and voices' - Toronto Star

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is an important cultural centre for the development of arts and performance in London particularly those addressing the complexities of Eastern European culture and the post-Soviet space.'

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Things you should know

Dash Cafes are free. However, please email to let them know you are coming. Thank you!

This event is wheelchair accessible.