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Movimientos, Mais Um Discos & Mama Sound presents

Dona Onete

Tuesday 17 July
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In a nutshell

Dona Onete brings her joyous stage persona and intoxicating blend of Amazonian, Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms.

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Flying in from Brazil, Dona Onete - ‘the grande dame of Amazonian song’ - brings with her tales from the river Amazon after 2016 saw the release of her second album, Banzeiro.

Banzeiro is defined by Onete’s honest reflections on life, love and sex, as well as her delight in the everyday pleasures of life in the Amazon. Formerly a history teacher, folklore researcher, union representative, culture secretary and children’s author, Onete recorded her debut album Feitiço Caboclo at 73. A cult figure in Brazil and an ambassador for Amazonian culture, the music she sings is a unique mix of rhythms from native Brazilians, African slaves and the Caribbean.

With Banzeiro, Onete again proves that age is nothing but a number as she ramps up the tempo with tracks such as the high-octane banguê (an Amazonian-ska) title track plus party-starting carimbó Faceira, amongst others. Gilles Peterson named her track No Meio do Pitiú as his top track from around the globe in 2017.

Banzeiro is the wave created by boats as they pass through the river, and considering that in just a few years Onete has gone from playing small bars in her hometown to thousand capacity shows across Brazil and some of Europe’s most respected festivals, Onete certainly seems to be riding the crest of this wave…

Who's Involved

Dona Onete
Born in the Amazonian region of Pará in 1938, Onete’s musical ambitions were cut short at the age of 22 by a husband who didn’t like her singing. Formerly a history teacher, folklore researcher, union representative, culture secretary and children’s author, Onete recorded her debut album Feitiço Caboclo at 73.

Pio Lobato
Dona Onete’s musical director. Pio is also from Belém, and recognised as one of the key forces in guitarrada - Amazonian ‘surf’ guitar music. Alongside the other musicians from Onete’s band, he will perform an instrumental warm up set featuring his experiments in the huge variety of musical genres from the Amazon.

Saulo Duarte
A musician and composer from the Northern Brazilian state of Pará. Now based in São Paulo, his music combines regional and urban influences - a touch of Carimbó, a touch of Guitarrada and plenty of soul.

Movimientos is one of the UK’s most active Latin music promoters broadening perceptions of Latin American music beyond mainstream genres by representing artists who are bringing brand new fusions of music to the fore.

Mama Sound
Mama Sound is the empowerment of thought speech and sound. A collective of artists, thinkers and doers who want to curate music, art and culture to make a stand for what we believe. Run by women creating a thread of connectivity around the world we aim to be seen and heard with a gentle and loving touch.

Mais Um Discos
Mais Um Discos releases music from Brazilian artists who fuse styles, disregard genres and confuse purists. A record label based in the UK they are proponents of all things brilliant from Brazil.

What people are saying

‘Magnificent’ - London Evening Standard

The grande dame of Amazonian song' - Songlines Magazine

‘Remarkable… an engagingly commanding and feisty singer’ - The Guardian

"What Mais Um Discos is doing is amazing” - Gilles Peterson

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'Rich Mix is a vital space to showcase new music, and music with a message and to provide a place for those who appreciate and identify with Latin music to comfortably enjoy this experience. Rich Mix does not discriminate and provides a space for diverse global experiences in London. This is why Rich Mix matters.'

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Suitable for ages 18+

This event is wheelchair accessible.