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MARSM presents

Lekhfa & Tamer Nafar (from DAM) - Double Bill

Friday 27 April
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In a nutshell

From dystopian poetry to bass-heavy hip-hop beats and stripped down Egyptian dance tracks, this showcase presents the Middle East’s trailblazing underground musicians.

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For this exciting double bill, we’ve invited artists spanning from Cairo to Palestine to celebrate the Middle East’s most trailblazing underground musicians and their contemporary musical projects.

Who's Involved

Tamer Nafar
Founding member of the legendary Palestinian rap trio DAM, Tamer’s cunning solo show is a beat-defying homage to his thoughts, life and inspirations, and a cleverly defined extension of his hip-hop roots and Palestinian heritage. His trinity of wit, dedication and unmistakable swagger have helped paved an impressive path for homegrown Arabic hip-hop not just to flourish, but to travel far beyond his hometown of Lyd.

Lekhfa is the brainchild of Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, three legendary musicians who came of age in 1990s Cairo. Decades later, each having paved their way through the alternative Arabic music scene, have united to create a stunning new album that gives birth to an off kilter sound of beats, grit and resistance.  A rapturous combination of extraordinary musical talent and creativity, their stunning works intertwine around the dystopian poems of their contemporary Mido Zoheir, one of the most celebrated Egyptian poets of their generation.

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What people are saying

'It’s not easy being an experimental indie musician in Egypt. There are very few venues, no state funding, and censors to worry about. All of which makes this compelling, brooding collaboration so remarkable. Each of these three musicians has an impressive history, but their debut album together is an edgy triumph…' - Robin Denselow – The Guardian

'Each to their own, [Lekhfa] are dynamic boundary pushers; when you combine the three of them, you get something absolutely intelligent and worthy of serious attention'. -Tucker McGee – Cairoscene

'My mother told me, don't get involved in politics – it's like stepping into a fire. But I say, I want to be a firefighter. If there's a building that is burning, I want to get people out.' - Tamer Nafar

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'As one of London’s most significant arts spaces, Rich Mix is a hub for bold and forward-thinking creatives, and a perfect match to present this project.'

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Watch: Tamer Nafar - Johnnie Mashi تامر نفار - جوني ماشيNefsif Akli - Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh #Lekhfa [Official Audio]

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.