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Movimientos and Rhythm Passport presents

Rumba de Bodas

Thursday 21 June
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In a nutshell

Italian party starters Rumba de Bodas present their new album bringing frenetic funk rhythms, soulful horns, quality grooves and a Latin flair.

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Rumba de Bodas are on tour following the recent release of their third album, Super Power. Expect frenetic and enthralling rhythms, a soulful horn section of the highest quality, grooves that go from funk James Brown Style to Ska and a constant background of Latin influences that sails from cumbia to son. Super Power is an album that is not afraid to cross geographical or temporal boundaries, mixing space synthesizers, gospel choirs and electric guitars in an eclectic symphony of styles and musical genres. The music really shines when performed live, revealing the band’s main goal - to be appreciated by those who love to dance!



Who's Involved

Rumba de Bodas
These Italian troubadours of the sensuous and sublime make it their mission to party. Their high-octane, latin-funk mix travels from disco music to ska, with an unabashedly punk soul and an ever-changing musical approach. From starting life as a loose collective in the streets of Bologna, they’re now an international phenomenon playing in Festivals of all musical styles. From Montreaux Jazz to Edinburgh Jazz festival, and passing from everywhere from Sweden to Sicily, this band keeps bringing their uniquely flavoured brand of pure fun to bigger and more demanding audiences.

Lou Pino
Lou Pino will be providing support from behind the decks! In addition to playing in venues in and around London, Lou has also become established in the scene for the past 2 years, with his Tottenham-based club night "In The City”. Lou entertains the crowd with the best in ska, reggae & tropical beats, with proceeds from his nights providing funding and support to the local community. 

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'Rich Mix is a vital space to showcase new music, and music with a message and to provide a place for those who appreciate and identify with Latin music to comfortably enjoy this experience. Rich Mix does not discriminate and provides a space for diverse global experiences in London. This is why Rich Mix matters.

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Suitable for ages 18+

This event is wheelchair accessible.