As part of Saudha’s 8th anniversary and the celebration of its great journey in the promotion Indian classical music and other global art forms in the West, this ‘first of its kind’ event features a spectacular projected selection of extremely moving and melancholic paintings by great Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo.

This event offers a new way of interpreting these poignant pieces of art through a visceral presentation of Indian classical music.

Curated by the director of Saudha, poet Ahmed Kaysher, the event gives supreme presentations of Indian classical music by the finest performers of each genre.

The coupling of Indian classical music with Frida Kahlo’s work aims to compliment, decode, re-interpret, and offer new meaning to these pieces of the ground-breaking art.

Celestial ecstasy of the hypnotic presentation of Indian classical music
Yorkshire Evening Post
One of the top-notch promoter of Indian classical music in the West
Wimbledon Guardian
Saudha’s concerts offer extremely spiritual and transcendental essence of sacred classical music in its inner mechanism that any global audience from any background can enjoy and appreciate the endless beauty in it
Eastern Eye


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