A punk guitarist, a stripper and a flamenco dancer reclaim the forgotten history of events leading up to the Spanish Civil War.

Republica is a lament for the unfulfilled promise of the Second Republic (1931-1939), and a celebration of its ideals. With the rise of division and disillusionment worldwide, this is a timely examination of the last time a European government dared to initiate a state-sponsored Revolution.

You know when you wait months/ actual years to see a show and then you do and it is fireworks and bonfires, furious and loving and sorrowful and piercing and fierce, and beyond anything you spent all that time anticipating? Republica is that show.
Maddy Costa

Suitable for ages 13+

http://www.juancarlosotero.com / Republica Production / @republicaproduction / @CarlosOteroPose

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