Combining Western and Eastern musical sensibilities to stunning effect, Diwan is a collection of composed and improvised music. It features a mix of musical elements; hard to define but with distinct nods to Jazz and contemporary Classical influences, melded to a shared love of Persian, Indian and other South Asian classical and devotional music, all of which serves to create an inimitable soundscape.

Shahbaz Hussain and Helen Anahita Wilson assert themselves as a duo in this personifying collection stitched together by Punjabi rhythms, Persian melodies and improvised flights with jazz accents.
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Masters of their instruments, Helen and Shahbaz have played many major venues around the world – St Paul’s Cathedral, Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., Lincoln Center in New York and London’s Royal Albert & Queen Elizabeth Halls, amongst others. Their playing is jaw-droppingly complex and masterful, making Diwan a beautiful and compelling musical artwork which is at once both fiercely disciplined, yet totally free.

There are plenty of intriguing attributes that bring shape to DIWAN, but all of them are eclipsed by the recording’s sublime beauty…..This is some of the most gorgeous music I’ve heard all year.
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Suitable for all ages

Tabla Piano / Qalandar Arts / @qalandararts

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