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Pluto Press and Centre for Narrative Research, School of Social Sciences, University of East London presents

Voices from the 'Jungle' Launch Event

Friday 21 April
Venue 2
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In a nutshell

A panel reading and discussion of ‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’'- stories of Calais ‘Jungle’ camp residents in their own words.

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‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’’ presents the stories of residents of the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in their own words– from their childhoods, through times of violence and harassment in their own countries, and their difficult, often terrifying journeys, to their time in the camp, and what happened to them afterwards. A panel of artists, policymakers and academics introduces the book. Accompanied by showings of the writers’ own photographic and artwork.

What to Expect

Panel reading and presentations, audience discussion and slideshows.

Who's Involved

Panel members:

Lliana Bird - Help Refugees

Chila Burman - artist

Babak Inaloo -  film-maker and student, Université Lille 3

Katrine Moeller Hansen - Voices from the 'Jungle' co-editor, University of Copenhagen and Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London;

Vava Tampa - founder of Save the Congo, a London-based campaign tackling the human tragedy engulfing the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Members of the UEL refugee education Partners' Group

Members of the UEL Life Stories team

Panel chair: Dr Tahir Zaman - University of Groningen and University of East London.

Credits: Photograph of the camp by Mani.

What people are saying

Endorsements from the cover:

'Home is the first thing we experience as human beings in this world; somewhere we know, safe and warm, somewhere that keeps us. When we are forced out, we lose a little bit of ourselves; leaving us less whole. However, through these poems, these stories, we reclaim that home and the humanity that is lost with what comes with being labelled a refugee.  Writing this is not only a way for the world to know us, but a way that we may know ourselves, once again.' - Poet JJ Bola

'These first-hand accounts of the suffering endured by refugees fleeing unmitigated horror in their homelands paints a far more vivid picture than anything we read in the press or see on television. If you want to understand fully the extent of what refugees are being forced to endure under our very noses, please read this book.' - Actor & activist Julie Christie

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix provides the ideal venue for this event, linked as it is to an East London community formed by forced displacement and migration. Its consistent concerns in its mission and its programming with issues of global and local inequality such as the ‘refugee crisis’, and with the role of artistic expression in addressing social justice, match perfectly with what this book does.'

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Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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