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Rich Mix Young Ambassadors present

Close To Home

Sunday 19 February
Venue 1

In a nutshell

Drawing on inspiration from real interviews with people in East London, artists from multiple disciplines create pieces based on ‘home’.

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What does ‘home' mean to you? Warmth? A Passport? An old armchair? Interviews with real people in East London provide the foundation for original creative pieces. Artists respond to this question and the interviews with performance, music, poetry and visual arts.

What to Expect

Transforming the Rich Mix Theatre into a living room, artists will perform live to audiences on sofas, beanbags and carpets. Expect a range of short performances exploring the theme of ‘home’, with the interviews that inspired them to be played out in full. This is an opportunity to challenge the concept of ‘home’, to listen to other voices and to reflect on what ‘home’ means to you.


1.  Maya Sourie

Maya is a poet/spoken word artist whose work centres around political issues such as white supremacy. Maya uses her art form to express the views and opinions which often go unsaid, or those that may not be said loud enough.

2.  Sarah Poekert

Sarah is a choreographer, performer and teacher.  Her solo contemporary dance pieces combine audio, surprise and elements of audience interaction.

3.  Haydn Albrow

Haydn’s art stems from a curiosity in capturing the fleeting nature of memory. She specialises in combining materials and creating mixed media pieces, creating installations that incorporate elements of photography, screen printing, casting and ceramics. She is the founder of Undo and Do, an all-female art collective. 

4.  Bobby Sun

Bobby’s work primarily deals with the topics of race, diaspora and immigration through the lens of a person whose identity is tied to the idea of being a “permanent immigrant”. Dealing with discrimination and politics in a post-colonial world, Bobby explores ideas of identity through poetry.

5.  Christian Grace

Christian is an emerging musician and spoken word artist who experiments with layers of guitar underneath his words.

6.  Josh Massey

Josh is a singer-songwriter from West London. He has been writing songs and performing as a musician for several years with themes of love, friendship and growing.

7.  Francis Augusto

Francis's work as a photographer stems from his fascination with humans and human expression. His naturalistic images capture people in thought and mid-emotion, exploring the moments in everyday life that make up our human DNA.

8. Ana Bird

Ana is a young poet/spoken word artist who deals political criticism, social hypocrisy and activism in her work. Winner of SLAMbassadors 2016, Ana will be taking the professional stage as an exciting emerging performance poet.

9. Sheevam Pattni

Sheevam is a composer and producer based in East London. Writing with an eclectic palette, Sheevam's work centres around vocal harmony, acoustic percussion and raw audio samples. Sheevham is working on several solo projects and has written for the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. 

Twitter: @RMCreatives

Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.