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Open Senses presents

Open Senses - Ideas in Progress - MARCH

Friday 2 March
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In a nutshell

An evening showcasing new, cutting-edge projects and ideas, often in embryonic and raw forms, to stimulate and challenge the senses.

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Open Senses was launched in May 2017 as the world’s first festival dedicated to sensory practice and research - uniting a diverse group of practitioners dedicated to exploring the senses. Open Senses: Ideas in Progress is a chance to bring the community together on a regular basis, with the goal of opening up pathways for experimentation and collaboration.

This event is an informal space to play and test out ideas and new work. We encourage applications from artists, musicians, neurologists, psychologists, SEN workers, animators, chefs, perfumers and any practitioner working with the senses. We are keen to respond to the latest research and developments in the world of sensorial practice. Each event lasts 2 hours and includes four presentation slots plus time to discuss and workshop ideas with the group.

Open Senses: Ideas in Progress is a series of events throughout 2018, all hosted at Rich Mix, which will build organically towards the next Open Senses Festival in 2019.

What to Expect

The event will feature different artists, musicians, academics, scientists, creative groups and inclusive companies, divided into four slots of 20 minutes each.  Audience members will be encouraged to engage and experiment with the presenters, to be actively involved in the workshopping and discussion of the work presented.

Who's Involved

Open Senses is the world’s first festival devoted to sensorial practice and research, launched in May 2017 at 25 London venues.

BitterSuite create multi-sensory concerts disrupting the traditional classical music model. BitterSuite has shown work at the Royal Opera House, Royal Academy of Arts, FutureFest, Wilderness Festival, Rich Mix and more.

Sencity create multisensory music concerts for deaf and hearing people, using vibrating floors, Aroma Jockeys, visual projections, food triggers, lighting effects and live dancers to translate the emotions that are within the music.

Guerilla Science
Escape to Reality

Guerilla Science are committed to connecting people with science in new ways, and producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze. Based in London and New York they work with a diverse set of clients from Glastonbury Festival and Burning Man to Kensington Palace and the Smithsonian. Their newest project, 'Escape to Reality' digs deeper into the science behind our experience of reality by examining our conscious selves. With the help of neuroscientists Anil Seth and David Schwartzman, the installation demonstrates that the world, and your conscious experience of it, is not the same. To see more of their past project click here.

Intimacy for a Digital Age

Wisp is a female + sex tech startup that exists to empower women, unlocking their sensuality through design, technology, and personal experiences.  After talking to countless women about their experiences, we’ve realised that the key to understanding sexuality and ultimately sensuality is intimacy. Our first line of products is a line of wearables that helps one to understand their body better by focusing on one’s senses as a sexual trigger. To learn more about Wisp click here.

Heloise Turnstall-Behrens
My Core Flooding to Skin From 

Heloise Turnstall-Behrens is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of the female music performance group The Quorum. Drawing inspiration from nature, science and music, The Quorum aims for an interdisciplinary form of performance.  It creates immersive site specific pieces which take the audience out of the theatre context, inviting them to be part of the performance. Heloise's new project 'My core flooding to skin from' is an immersive choral performance exploring the interplay of our inner and outer worlds. Audience members will be invited to delve into themselves, 'listen' to each others bodies and push the boundaries of intimate behaviour. To see more of her work click here

Sarah McCartney

Perfumer and creator of 4160Tuesdays, Sarah McCartney, spent 14 years as head writer for Lush before embarking on her own quest to make bespoke perfumes that capture times and places or a person at a certain moment. Everyone's reactions to smells are different so how will you respond to our invisible creations? Nothing shocking or deliberately alienating, just a series of aromas by Sarah and Harry of 4160Tuesdays. Do they push you away or invite you closer? Do they evoke acceptance, or disappointment, or bring you comfort? To learn more about 4160Tuesdays click here.

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Things you should know

There will be a BSL interpreter. Suitable for ages 16+ only. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.