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Saturday 29 July

Friday 25 August

Saturday 26 August

Batuke! 2017 Festival: Masked Ball

Saturday night is the gala night with the return this year of the masked ball so popular in previous editions which this year will coincide with the London first longest Kizomba night, running non stop from 7pm to 5am!


Saturday 26 August

Batuke! 2017 Festival: Saturday Show

Saturday night performance is an eclectic program curated by Iris De Brito - The creative director of BATUKE! Festival - showcasing a dance theatre piece based on various collaborations with the artists invited to the event.

Saturday 26 August

Sunday 27 August

Thursday 31 August

Friday 22 September

Saturday 30 September


Made between the UK and Egypt, (Un)Covered is a solo dance theatre action exploring who we are as women inside our clothes.

Saturday 30 September

Monday 16 October

Tuesday 17 October