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Friday 1 September

Saturday 2 September


Direct from Underbelly, Tit4Twat’s interactive satire dissects the dubious ethics of reality television. Part high-stakes drinking game, part unethical psychology experiment.

Saturday 2 September

Friday 8 September

Body House (vers. iii)

The provocation for ‘Body House’ is the erosion of cultural & material bonds. In the 21st century, the idea of ‘home’ as a fixed physical and geographical location seems redundant. Under such conditions, how does one reconcile one’s existence and aim to achieve a sense of futurity? Can being without nation or flag, be liberation rather than a loss?

Friday 8 September

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Saturday 14 October

Friday 20 October

Crick Crack Club: Frankenstein

He's naked. He's angry. And he's on the run... Storyteller Ben Haggarty, and musician Sianed Jones embark on an intense monster's-lib interpretation of Mary Shelley's modern myth.

Friday 20 October

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