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A bespoke self care programme bringing together various therapeutic disciplines to help you not only cope with these challenging times but feel balanced, build resilience and thrive.

So many of you who attended the previous series have found the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions really helpful and efficient, so we are back with more powerful CBT tools for stress management.

A good night’s sleep can work wonders for our mental health so we dedicated an entire session to it where we will learn about different sleep improvement techniques.

We will continue our journey exploring the healing power of art and creativity – studies have shown meaningful evidence that engaging in creative activities can reduce adverse psychological outcomes and is an extremely efficient way to complement standard forms of therapy.

Dance, movement, play and writing are beneficial ways of processing and expressing our feelings and can have a tremendous effect on our wellbeing. Guided by a team of wonderful and highly qualified therapists, we will discover different art forms with therapeutic effect, find our way out of the challenging times of pandemic and move forward with a renewed zest for life!

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1. Wed 14 Jul: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools for stress management (NHS) 

2. Wed 21 Jul: Secrets for Better Sleep (NHS)

3. Wed 28 Jul: Move your Body and Soul with Dance Movement Psychotherapy

4. Wed 4 Aug: Wellbeing for Creatives

4. Wed 11 Aug: Express Yourself with Therapeutic Writing

5. Wed 18 Aug: Meet your Inner Hero with Dramatherapy


Curated by Andreea Mona –