Our neighbourhood is a place where many paths cross, many journeys begin, and many stories are told.

We wish to celebrate these different paths, bring people together to create new journeys, and shape stories that everyone can share. Culture for a Changing City is the vision that arches over everything we do at Rich Mix, from the variety and vibrancy of our artistic programme to our outreach and community projects.

To find ways to bring our many different communities together, and remain an anchor in a time of constant change, we’ll be partnering with other neighbourhoods from around the world, and we’ll be promoting ever bolder work that tackles today’s issues head on.

Our partners, both local and international, will be joining the conversation, and we look forward to inviting you to respond to the changing city in which we live, work, create and thrive.

Culture for a Changing City was a vision founded by our previous Artistic Director, Oliver Carruthers, in 2017, and will continue to be shaped and realised by Josh McNorton, our new Head of Programmes.