Soon to be 60 years old, silver-haired fast-fashion business titan Sir Richard ‘Greedy’ McCreadie (Steve Coogan) is planning to take his luxury birthday bash to the Mediterranean, celebrating in style with a Roman theme on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos…

But the ‘King of the High Street’ has more pressing concerns to deal with before he can swan off to the glorious sunshine with his famous friends.

In fact, after a recent public performance took a turn for the catastrophic, the mogul is losing friends fast. If he doesn’t turn his image around, the currently detestable billionaire will be forced to spend his decadent day solely in the company of his ex-wife (Isla Fisher) and son (Asa Butterfield), along with his self-loathing biographer (David Mitchell) and elderly mother (Shirley Henderson).

The idea is sharp. Clearly inspired by the excruciatingly objectionable Top Shop CEO Sir Philip Green.
Steve Coogan stars in caustic satire of the nouveau riche.

This film is distributed by Sony Pictures

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