Our twenties are a decade of finding forks in the road and flirting with possibilities; of grasping for identities that slip through our fingers like silk. They are the lonely years filled with the absurdities of becoming and self-discovery.

This collection of international shorts all explore the labyrinth of growing up. In Japan, a crab woman reminisces on the days of crab childhood. In the UK, a new mother sinks into the multitudes that arise within us during the worthy work of loving. And in Beirut, a woman teeters on the junction between one life and another.

Pisko the Crab Child is in Love | dir. Makoto Nagahisa | Japan 2023 | 18′
I Don’t Need Adult Conversation | dir. Vika Evdokimenko | UK 2023 | 12′
The River and The Labyrinth | dir. Ian Capillé | Portugal 2023 | 24′
Nobody Wants The Night | dir. Remi Itani | Germany 2023 | 16′
Les Chenilles | dirs. Michelle Keserwany, Noel Keserwany | France 2023 | 30′


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