Floppy Toast with Drippy Butter
Chloe is the centre of attention at school but for all the wrong reasons. While she can see no way out, could a chance encounter offer Chloe hope?

On New Year’s Eve, a reclusive young woman grapples with a dark secret she’s kept from her family.

Why Me?
In this black comedy we follow Naima, a lacklustre bookies assistant. Whose life is a Jenga set of problems waiting to fall. But what will be the trigger? Her maniac boss, her over demanding mother or the secret she is desperately trying to hide?

When We Speak
A trio of whistleblowers share their motivations, experiences, and fallout of their own cases. British intelligence employee Katharine Gun, Oxfam aid worker Helen Evans and Hollywood actress Rose McGowan open the lid on what happens to women in When We Speak.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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