Vachan (dir. Kuldeep Khatri)
Shrawan, a young Hindu man, decides to take his father’s dead body to a place only he knows. His family is outraged, but Shrawan remains determined to honor his father’s memory in his own way. With the help of local transgender mystics, he is able to carry out his goal.

Hania (dir. Samen Ali)
A university student is afraid to express herself, as she tries to fit in, and struggles to decide whether to show her dance performance at an open mic night.

The Dandies of Albertopolis (dir. Omar Kent)
A trio of wannabe Dandies steal a Mughal urn from the Albert Museum and attempt to return it to Pakistan. Their plan soon unravels when they find themselves dealing with the complicated legacy of partition and the realities of ‘guerilla museum repatriation’.

Republic of Wailing Trees (dir. Nirmal Bano)
As Mehnaz and other women of Bhaagaowalla prepare for harvest, they learn that their farmlands have been selected as a site for the construction of a new coal power plant, which would meet the needs of a nation in an energy crisis. While the men of the village decide to sell their land for compensation, the women start sensing changes in their environment.

Rootless Connection, an AI Experiment (dir. Humira Imtiaz)
An experiment and exploration in utilizing burgeoning AI technology to explore connections within the Kashmiri community, between Kashmir and the UK. Using interviews with two Kashmiri people who were born in or grew up in the UK and two Kashmiri people who have lived in Kashmir for a large part of their lives, this short explores their connections with each other, and the privileges that they have as a result of their geographical locations.

This screening is followed by a Q&A with the directors hosted by Nasreen Rehman. 

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