Escape Plan is an ingenious ‘live escape’ experience set against the fascinating backdrop of World War II. With a choice of two unique games, you must pit yourself against the clock, collect your wits, solve clues and use critical thinking and teamwork to keep calm and get out.

Set in the barracks of a P.O.W camp, you and your comrades quickly discover the legend of Bob Hails – the only prisoner to have successfully escaped the camp. And what’s more he’s left you his journal to help you and your team evade the enemy and make your own great escape. But do you have what it takes to earn your freedom? If you’re unsure which game to play first, we recommend this one.Max Players: 6 (recommended 3-5)Style: Classic escape room format with varied puzzles and tactile mechanics. The game increases in tension with the threat of a barracks search.

It’s 1945 and the Air Commodores at RAF Tangmere have secured a barrel of ale of the highest quality, which they shipped in secretly last night under the cover of darkness. Whilst they are planning a jolly good knees-up for the senior officers, you and the rest of the squadron face an austere Victory Day celebration. But the Air Commodores have been called away to Sector Control and there’s a window of opportunity to break in, find the stash and roll out the barrel!Max Players: 6 (recommended: 3-5)Style: A light-hearted romp, packed full of unusual mechanics, engaging puzzles and a cheeky mission to steal the beer! (suitable all ages/multi-linear)

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