From his Club Row studio in London’s East End artist and cartographer Adam Dant creates maps of the city in an imaginative fashion far removed from the familiar A to Z and ubiquitous Google street views.

Dant’s deftly rendered maps transform Shoreditch into Manhattan, depict the neighbourhood according to the dreams of its inhabitants, and elsewhere re-creates the place as a self-contained medieval globe.

Further afield the back alleys, pubs, coffee houses and forgotten London characters of old are reborn and collide with the concerns of the present such as in London Enraged, where 2000 years of the capital’s riots, from Boudicca’s revolt to The Cereal Killer Cafe Clashes explode, volcano-like from Westminster.

Whilst maps like Where to Dig describe the pre-industrial grand mansions of Old Hackney for the benefit of shovel wielding hunters of buried treasure, and A Journey to The Heart of East London seeks out the opinions of visitors and locals alike as to the location of this mythic site (in fact a bin in Westfield, Stratford).

Following the publication of the acclaimed Maps of London & Beyond (Batsford), we’re thrilled to be presenting this exhibition of Adam Dant’s intricate, intimate and immensely original drawings.