Formed in 2011, Adonis is a powerful 4-piece indie-pop/rock band who have been leaving an undeniable stamp on Lebanon’s independent music scene. Named after the lead singer’s hometown, Adonis have since released 4 albums, exploring the diverse facets of urban life, the original source of inspiration for the band.

For their first European tour, they will be performing songs from their earlier albums, revisiting the cheeky and compelling themes and sounds of Arabic 80s and 90s pop music, as well as more recent tunes from their two latest two albums, “Nour” and “12 Hours”, produced by Jean-Marie Riachi and Sleiman Damien, which introduce electro-dance influences into the band’s sound, and address the broader socio-political issues that shape the Middle-East today.

This concert has been made possible by the support of Al Araby TV.

Unlike those bands that sprinkle words into their instrumental compositions, Adonis is attached to composing its lyrics first, and then adding music that will best punctuates the lyrics. In both their albums, the band aspires to make each song is a freestanding story in itself.
…their brand of sparkling indie-rock and resonant lyrics, sung in the Lebanese dialect, made their 2011 debut album ‘Daw El Baladiyyi’ a cult success.
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