Swati Seshadri performs a new Bharatanatyam margam choreographed by multi-award winning Seeta Patel, accompanied by a group of talented, emerging musicians.

Margam refers to the journey of discovery through dance, music and emotion that spans the evening. Peek into a captivating world of interplay and balance between dance and music.

As a Carnatic vocalist herself, Swati has a wonderous musicality and fresh expressiveness in her performances that is not to be missed.

The evening will introduce you to the world of the temple procession, as the deity is taken on a parade in the streets, then play with your emotions through an adrenaline-inducing piece, the Varnam.

This event will thrill your senses with complex rhythmic verses, and tug at your heart strings as Swati plays a love-struck protagonist who starts a conversation with Lord Krishna, asking him, “even after all this time, is it fair for you to treat me so?”

How will he respond? Will her love remain unrequited?

In a traditional finish to an evening of Bharatanatyam, a Thillana (set in an unusual 5-beat cycle) will conclude the night.

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Suitable for ages 8+