Steve Chandra (guitar), Dr Das (bass) and Brian Fairbairn (drums) of legendary Asian Dub Foundation, a band that has always been politically and socially involved: in their most-critically acclaimed album, Enemy of the Enemy, there’s a related song inspired by the film, called La Haine, which reflects their deep commitment to this project.

ADF would like to thank Marek Pytel for his original suggestions and his inspiration.

The film starts to roll with images of Paris burning, looting and rioters beaten by police, its soundtrack, played live by Asian Dub Foundation, throbbing through the hall. For the next few hours, no one moves
The Guardian
The film had little music, just tense silences punctuated by obscenities. Asian Dub Foundation’s live score changes all that. In fighting hard against racism and for natural justice, the five-piece band has been Britain’s spiritual heir to the combative conscience of The Clash
The Sydney Morning Herald / @ADFofficial

Suitable for ages 16+

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