Incredible performances of Bengali Baul & Vaishnav music by prominent Baul and Vaishnav groups and performers, along with screenings of short films and brief discussions.

These two major philosophical movements from the Indian sub-continent evolved from Hindu and Muslim (Sufi) faith, and hugely influenced the music, literature and art of the whole region. The festival shares the ecstasy of the arresting melodies derived from the soil of Bengal, and will feature prominent Bauls and Vaishnavs from both Bangladesh and India.

Curated by the poet and the director of Saudha, Ahmed Kaysher, the festival will start on 24 May at Kobi Nazrul Centre, continue to St Margaret’s House on 25 May, and end at Rich Mix on 26 May.

RadhaRaman Society brings the rural and folk music and other art forms of South Asia on to the world stage
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