Takeover Day is a national celebration of children and young people’s contributions to museums, galleries, arts organisations, archives and heritage sites.

It’s a day on which they are given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of the arts organization.

The day involves pupils ‘taking over’ Rich Mix during the Into Film festival screening on 23 November, ripping tickets, ushering and serving popcorn.

They’ll be finding out what happens in the mysterious projection booth, behind the screens at a cinema and write their own creative responses to the film.

While they’re here, we’ll also ask them what they think about Rich Mix from a ‘kids-eye’ view, whilst taking a behind-the-scenes tour.

The day provides opportunities for developing student leadership skills and industry knowledge.

Find us on this map alongside all the other Kids in Museums events in London.

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kidsinmuseums.org.uk/ / intofilm.org/events/festival / @intofilm_edu

To be part of Kids in Museums activities at Rich Mix, contact Tracy.Barbe@richmix.org.uk