Explore complex histories, geographies and biographies.

Featured artists:

Mounir Gouri
Mounir Gouri’s stitched plates refer to the trade of illegal migrants in his coastal hometown in the North East of the country.

Sarah Ouadah
Artist illustrator Sarah Ouadah re-interprets the classic poem of the tragic Bedouin love story Hyzia as a digital fantasy for a new generation of readers.

Rima Djahnine
Rima Djahnine’s cartography-inspired installation weaves fragments of maps, film, GPS data and documents into personal narratives of homecoming and memories.

Fethi Sahraoui
With his iPhone, the photographer Fethi Sahraoui captures a series of cars as scenes of ordinary life in the Saharawi camps located on the southwestern province of Algeria.

Abdo Shanan
Abdo Shanan displays material from his award-winning book Diary: Exile, which reflects on his experiences as an artist of Algerian and Sudanese origin, who lived for many years in Libya.

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