Through riotous study and customary wit, Channing Tatum present a new stage performance that veers between the ugly, distant and embarrassingly soft.

Exploiting the gestures and clichés of expression, Can You Feel It? meditates on the pleasures and perils of ‘feeling it’; and asks how much we can ever know each other, and what’s really going on inside.

Presented in collaboration with lighting designer Alex Fernandes and developed with support from PACT Zollverein, DanceXchange and Arts Council England.

Channing Tatum create performances, exhibitions and curatorial projects that foster new understandings of meaning, pleasure, thought, encounter and possibility.

This stripped-down performance style … is direct and engaging, bringing to mind the playful work of one of my performance heroes Gary Stevens…
James Yarker, Stan's Cafe on Channing Tatum's This