Join us for a very special showcase dedicated to presenting some of the Arab world’s finest underground hip-hop artists, producers and djs.

El Rass, rapper and producer from Lebanon, explores the possibilities of the Arabic language and pushes the frontiers of Rap as an act of thought, rhythm, and language.

This year, he releases his newest project and the first of his albums to be completely written, performed, produced, and engineered by him.

He will be performing select tracks from his new album, interlaced with known classics from his repertoire.

Missy Ness is an stellar Tunisian/French DJ with an insatiable musical curiosity.

Her powerful sets are intimately related to the urban cultures and movements of the Maghreb and Middle East, where she has become renowned as one of the pillars of its underground and alternative scene.

El Rass has emerged as a lyrical soothsayer for a new school of Arab hip-hop
Jackson Allers, founder of Beats and Breath


The love of music, and the love created by the music creates is immense. Missy Ness… puts her musical curiosity in dj sets that weave together Palestinian hip-hop, Tunisian underground or favorite classics
Radio France Culture / @MarsmUK

Suitable for ages 16+