Queering Now is a curatorial programme amplifying marginalized voices of the Chinese Queer situated in a multiplicity of social contexts beyond specific nationality and political boarders. Curated by Whiskey Chow and Sha Li, it explores ‘Chinese’ from a broader perspective. The aim is to interrogate and investigate the notion of ‘Chinese’ and ‘Chinese Queer’ by bringing together multi-layered identities and artists from diverse backgrounds to reflect different approaches in relation to the cultural heritage of queer diaspora.

Queering Now is the only artist-led and co-curated event in Chinese Arts Now Festival 2020, and has been made possible through the support by the Arts Council England and Live Art UK. 

Queering Now invites audiences to navigate and flow across different media at various spaces in Rich Mix to encounter queering narratives.

Queering Now takes place across two spaces  –

The Stage (Ground Floor) and The Studio (Fourth Floor)

Special thanks to Burong Zeng

6pm: Queering Now film and live performance programme

The film program features artist Wang Haiyang’s signature sensory and surreal stop-motion animations, filmmaker and queer activist Fan Popo’s short film “Beer! Beer!”, artist and film director Andrew Thomas Huang’s lush and captivating short film about an ordinary restaurant worker’s extraordinary sexual awakening, followed by young artist April Lin and Jasmine Lin’s work, a refreshing queer love story:  ‘Reality Fragment 160921’  where they merge in both physical and digital worlds.

The live performances include artist and Chinese drag king Whiskey Chow’s new iteration of ‘The Moon is Warmer Than the Sun’, which sits between the mythological paradox of power and contemporary queer longing and idolatry, then  ‘Steamed Three Eggs’, a reading weaving speculative fiction with personal histories by artist Victoria Sin, and multi-disciplinary artist LI YILEI’s experimental sound work ‘Your Figures are Muted’.

10pm: A Mass Queer After Party.

The after party is launched by model, musician, witch, and artist Ayesha Tan Jones, who will present the first act of ‘Parasites of Pangu’, a dystopian opera that explores the world through the story of an archeologist of the future, based on a Chinese creation myth.

Featured artists:

Victoria Sin

Andrew Thomas Huang

Wang Haiyang

Ayesha Tan Jones



Fan Popo

April Lin and Jasmine Lin

Whiskey Chow

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